Banner on Website

1 Exclusive Sponsor | €800

A visually appealing advertising banner on the website addresses visitors during the run up to the exhibition and increases awareness of your company’s presence at the exhibition.

Your Benefits:

With advertising banner your company will always be at the center of attention – worldwide, long before the exhibition begins and right up to the registration phase for the next Smart Renewable Systems Conference. Your website can also be linked to the banner if desired.

Your banner will be present from booking to July 31, 2020 on the landingpage "Program".

The format and placement: Leaderboard banner (728x90 px) in Zone 1 are posted between the navigation bar and the first content. Due to the response design, the Banner is needed as Large Leaderboard banner (970x90 px) for Full HD Displays, as Fullsize-Banner (468x60 px) for Tablets and Half-size Banner (234x60 px) for smartphones, too.

File Type: Our adserver supports the delivery of Image-based banners (JPEG, GIF or PNG file) as well as Flash-based banners (SWF-file).